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Alkara is a reputable trading house with meaningful and complementary interests in a range of quality metals, minerals and rough gemstones (also known as precious and semi-precious stones), delivering industry leading returns for our clients.



ALKARA is an African mining and trading house in the Sub-Saharan African mining and minerals sector. We are a reliable sourcing partner to our customers for all their mineral needs and supply a wide range of international quality products from premium geographies in Africa. Our experienced and efficient staff gives us the agility and ability to support all our customers’ product requirements through our enduring partnerships with the countries and communities in which we operate.

We are primarily engaged in the exploration for the mining, production and sale of copper and copper by-products, which has a wide range of applications because of its many useful properties. As part of our strategy to expand our business in the mining and minerals sector, ALKARA also actively engages in the international trading of other selected metals, minerals and rough gemstones according to our customers’ specific requirements. We aim to cultivate a high-performance culture defined by a deep commitment to partnership, consistent execution, operational excellence, disciplined capital allocation, and continual self-improvement.

Operational excellence through innovation

We encourage innovation and have a growth mindset towards our partners, clients and our business. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you.