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From precious and semi-precious metals, minerals, precious and semi-precious gemstones, ALKARA has an extensive range of products for your convenience. We are primarily engaged in the sale of copper and copper by-products with our copper business helping meet the high demand across the developing world, which we expect to increase as these new economies mature and their consumers demand more copper-dependent products.

Whatever your specific requirement, contact us today and experience our service excellence, quality product, supply and reliability.

Our Partnerships

We aim to cultivate a high-performance culture defined by a deep commitment to partnership, consistent execution, operational excellence, disciplined capital allocation, and continual self-improvement. We always strive to earn trust through transparency to build enduring partnerships between our people, trade partners and with the countries and communities in which we operate.

Our People

ALKARA actively strives to attract and develop strong people who act with integrity, are tireless in their pursuit of excellence, and inspire others to be their best. We are committed to our people, who determine how effectively we operate. They build our reputation with our investors and partners every day and uphold our values.

Operational Excellence

Through effective development of our resources, ALKARA utilizes the value-driving components of our business by increasing effective production of high-quality products. We deliver operational excellence through innovation; bringing about safer and more efficient ways of operating; asset optimization such as introducing targeted product recovery programs; and by leveraging and further developing the skills to grow quality employees.

Sustainability and Communities

Our success comes not only from what we do, but also how we do it. It is important for us to be a welcome member of the local community where we operate and seek opportunities so that we can contribute to society in positive ways. We value our social licence to operate and actively work to maintain it each day through our behaviour and conduct.

Corporate Responsibility

At ALKARA, corporate responsibility is essential for our organization. It guides us in our everyday activities and plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of our actions. We are committed to sustainable development, the protection of human life, the preservation of the environment and wildlife, and the improvement of communities where the company operates.

Health and Safety

Our goal is to build a purpose-driven, high-performance safety culture. ALKARA’s’ objective is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, free of accidents, injuries and illness. We are committed to performing every task in a safe and healthy manner and we strive to achieve an incident-free workplace.


ALKARA is committed to the protection and sustainability of the environment for now and for future generations. We respect the culture and welfare of our local communities and fully integrate best environmental practices, initiatives and design into all our businesses and operations.

Our key operational focus areas

  • Complete development and ramp-up of existing projects in a capital efficient way, whilst excelling in operational efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Making significant and targeted exploration investments – Africa’s geology remains largely underexplored, providing opportunities for ALKARA to expand and diversify into minerals with higher added value potential downstream.
  • Expansion in projects with high returns and low risks to reinforce our standing leadership in the minerals sector and our global competitiveness.
  • Building best in class capabilities supported by internally developed knowledge on enterprise wide expanded talent base and through strategic partnerships.
  • Managing the costs – while unrelenting in its focus on safety as it pursues its Zero Harm objectives, we seek to enhance value at our current operations by implementing a program of targeted cost reduction and efficiency improvements.